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Our Products & Services

We provide the very best of services in the chemical industry that has won us a lot of respects. From consultancy to procurement, you can count on us anytime.

Healthcare Chemicals

Chemicals are ubiquitous in the hospital environment. In the U.S., for instance, the health care sector is the single largest user of chemicals, spending more than double the amount spent by the second largest consuming industry sector. The health sectors in many other countries also consume significant amounts of chemicals. As the UN Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). We are one of they pioneers in this sector, serving nations across the globe.

Industrial Chemicals

We provide industries with the most used chemicals like:
1. Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) Sulfuric acid is the most commonly-produced industrial chemical in the world
2. Ethylene (C2H4) Over 150 million tons of ethylene is produced every year, more than any other organic compound
3. Sodium Hydroxide (NAOH)
4. Propylene (C3H6)
5. Nitrogen (N2)
and so many others based on requests.

Domestic Chemicals

our domestic chemicals are both food and non-food chemicals that are commonly found and used in and around the average household. They are a type of consumer goods, designed particularly to assist cleaning, house and yard maintenance, cooking, pest control and general hygiene purposes often stored in the kitchen or garage.

Consultancy Service

Not sure what you want? no problems; our experts are ever ready to assist you get the best products that suit your needs free of charge. Just click on the enquiry button to get started.